what to do with my bent rear springs

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by sean'schevy, Feb 23, 2005.

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    Ok guys i have a ORD 4 inch shackle reversal in the rear with a 3 inch block and what was a 8 inch super lift spring. i took 2 leafs out of each rear spring and loss some height so i remover 2 springs from the front as well. The truck then sat level and the flex was great. But after 1 or 2 wheeling trips my front springs stayed great but the rears sagged and started to bend/seperate and this also made my rear shackle angle preety bad. Now im thinking on getting new springs and am not sure what to get. I now have a anti wrap bar so soft springs should be fine. I was thinking about a 5 inch spring and either keeping the 3 inch block or going to a 4 if I need the hieght to match the front. But I want the most flex as possible so ive been looking into the 64"s for the rear. how do u think a 5 inch lift 64 inch spring will flex. it should be better than the eight with the 2 sprngs removed right. also i want to keep the axle in its current location due to drive shaft length will i run into a problem there dont know if the 64s move the axle back or not. sorry for the long post not sure on what to do. thanks
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    i used to work at a spring shop for a year and that looks like it could be fixed. stop by your local spring shop and as them if its to late to reset the arch.

    and here are some pics of 64" springs in my ride k30 1ton logbox. and the 64" are centered for pin location. just move the hangers . and the 64" are much thicker steel but the ride is nice from the longer length of the packs.

    the lift is 6" in truck for suspension. the 4" flip in back with 2" block to level out ride. the springs are stock 1 ton 88-up style no lift.

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