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    Yeah yeah I'm a newb so lets get that out of the way.


    Here is my situation....

    I have a 73 blazer, 35" tires, MT2 rims, softop, pickup tailgate.

    I am putting a 290 horse GM crate in.

    I have dana 44 front and corp 12 rear.

    I do not plan on doing any Xtreme Thrash off roading, I just need to be able to move around in the Northern Nevada terrain without worry of busting something when I am all by my lonesome.

    Do I need to move up to the Dana 60 and 14 bolt combo? Or can I install a Superior Super Dana 44 (if there is such a beast for Chevy) and/or chrome moly shafts and perhaps a truss?

    Reliability is my primary concern.

    Any constructive comments welcome
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    CHeapest way is chromo shafts, which will get you around plenty probably without any worries. But the most sure way to go is the 3/4 ton axel swap.

    I've been running 35"s on a locked 10bolt rear and open front 10bolt since I got the truck and the only reason I broke a shaft is because I tried to do a brake stand on dry pavement (not my smartest desicion). But other than that I have had no problems at all, but also I don't do any type of rocks at all its all sand and mud which are very forgiving. Not exactly sure what the terrain of northern Nevada is like but with chromo shafts I be you'd do just fine.
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    With 35" tires, you should be fine, but if you really want to feel more safe put Chromoly shafts.
    3/4 ton front is the same as a 1/2 ton as far as shafts go so that will not be a plus but the rear will be stronger.
    I have D44/12b with 35" tires locked front and rear and have wheeled hard for 6 years with no breaking, I think you'll be fine with the back country driving.
    I still would go with other people , safety in numbers. :D
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    probably fine just the way it is.
    Very nice looking truck.
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    Just make sure that if you are alone you have food, water, tools and lots of spares. And that people know where you are and when you are supposed to return.

    Your setup should be fine with the 35's as long as you don't get stupid with the skinny pedal.

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