what would you do with 72 c30 157" dually ?

Discussion in '1969-1972 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by R72K5, Mar 18, 2005.

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    central IL
    i have a chance to cheaply get a complete(minus bed) 72 C-30 157" W/B chassis/cab 350(original cast iron crank pulley and ram horn manifold equipped engine) and 465 trans, not running but body pretty solid cept for pass side rocker(easy fix)

    what would you do with one of these ?

    im waiting on phone call hopefully this AM or tomorrow AM

    i was gonna chase after this 68 Custom c-10 longfleet pickup i spotted the other morning ago in the town i work in, that appeared overnight at a small towing outfit over there,
    but upon closer inspection a couple hours ago as i was leaving work there i found that the front glass is gone and the steering column too, and grille is bent inwards on pass side, so hum,.,
    but damn it looks like its got good doors, fenders, gate, possibly bed, and it has real nice vinyl CST style door panels, hum,,.
    its destined for junk, no one around here would put such a thing back together i know, its sad,


    maybe i can save the 72 dually though, cuz its been sitting for a very long time and no one else has tried to get it and if it sits longer it will end up taken to towing/junk by the county, i even noticed the keys are in the ignition, abandoned in front of an empty house in a real tiny farm town,

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    I would stretch the frame and put on a dovetail flatbed and use it for my K20 hauler. If the wrecking yard would get rid of the other one missing the column and windshield I will come get it.

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