whats the best option??

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best option

  1. swap the engines. sell the ford!

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  2. keep the ford sell the caprice

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  3. i think my feet smell like bananas and i like it.

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    Jan 13, 2006
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    san antonio tx
    we have a 1990 chevy caprice with a tbi 305.(i think its a 305?) we recently rebuilt it and it runs fine. my mother was driving it and she got a new car. my dad wants to put that engine in the 1980 1/2ton chevy pickup. and sell his 97 ford. but i think that before that we should ask around and see exactly what we are getting ourselves into here. i know people around here do similar swaps all the time so how hard is it? the wiring harness is my main concern... would be a pretty sweet deal. that engine has alot of power copared to the straight 6 thats in the truck. so opinions? thanks -sam-

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