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Wheel bearings

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 71 Blazer, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. 71 Blazer

    71 Blazer 1/2 ton status

    Jul 16, 2005
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    windsor virginia
    I just replaced the wheel bearings on the passanger side of my 76 GMC. Took it for a test drive and it rides fine but the passanger side seems to be running hotter than the drivers side. Is this because the new bearings have tighter clearances and the new grease is thicker or did I do something wrong? My guess temperature wise is that it is getting up to 180 just hot enough that I can hold my hand on it for a few seconds, this is right after I pulled off the highway. It cools down on the back roads, same as the other side, just hotter. Also the new grease I used is not the high temp red stuff that was in their originally, it is made by Valvoline and it good from -20 to 475 degrees.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2006
  2. MattK

    MattK 1/2 ton status

    Jan 12, 2005
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    Dallas, TX
    i believe ive always done wheel bearings on both sides at the same time. as long as you've got the right parts installed and torqued correctly i wouldn't worry about it.

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