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wheel question


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Jan 13, 2003
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whats up guys and galls, my questions is this
what size wheel do all of you run and why
i run a 15 for now, because i have not went to 3/4 or 1 ton, but i also do not wheel mine alot as of now, its been a very slow process for me, and hopefully i will be able to before long, but my question is this, out of all of you that run a 16.5 do you have any troubls out of them? i have heard alot of bad stories about the 16.5 not holding a good beed and so on
i know when i first started wheeling back in the day everyone ran either 15's, or 1 ton stuff and 16.5s, now there are so many compnays making 17, 18's and so on, running hummer wheels and that sort of thign with bead locks, but im curious if the stories i hear are false or truth in them, so after all this rambling, i would just like to know what size wheels you guys and gals run, and reasons why or why not you chose that
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