wheels and safety: factory hub and lug centric vs. aftermarket lugcentric only

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by R77K10, Apr 4, 2006.

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    alright ive got the 77 k-10 loaded down big time full of junk to haul to the shredder but the 33" tires arent looking too good and i can already tell they wouldnt make it and will blow the sides out on me on the way up the freeway to peoria,

    so i am weighing options here

    the rims on the truck are aftermarket aluminum directionals, common ones see them on trucks and cars all the time, but they are really super wide, somewhere around 10 or 11" wide

    too wide to downgrade to normal sized tires with
    i cant find any stock steel 6 lug GM truck wheels around here of any kind, ralley or not, but then i wouldnt want ot be running 15" tires in the rear anyways, just dont have a very big of a load rating at all

    i have a pair of 16" load range E tires up here i could use but then i would have to buy a set of those commonly seen aftermarket white painted steel wagon wheels- 16" 6 lug chevy pattern ones,
    so i could put the 16" truck load tires on the rear of this truck,

    but i worry about the aftermarket wheels due to them being non-hubcentric, and only lug-centric

    although in the past i did this same thing with a 68 c-10, i put the same 16" steel painted wagon wheels on the rear and a set of goodyears that were actually less load rated than the truck load ones i have right now and want to put on

    and that truck hauled 4,440lbs of scrap i put in it once and hauled 40 miles, there was more weight in the bed of the truck than what the entire truck weighed

    but those tires were looking like they were gonna pop and the rear bumper was not very far off the ground lol

    both these trucks have the same exact wheel studs and wheel bolt pattern

    so if you were in my shoes/dilemma would you really worry, or ?
    i jut dont like the idea that the weight is all on the studs only with the aftermarket wheels- vs with factory wheels where the weight is on the hub and the studs both since factory wheels fit good and tight around the hubs directly,
    you know,

    the truck is already overloaded right now as it sits,
    its only a little half ton truck and ive got at least a whole ton in the rear alone so far,
    overloaded, its too easy to overload lightweight rigs, :(
    these 33" tires have too much side flex give

    this is why i need a C-20 or C-30 truck

    but none exist anymore

    or i would buy one, and not have bought this little k10

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    I believe our 1 tons run with all the weight on the studs and I know I've had at least 3 ton of dirt on our 7k lb 1 ton dually.
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    No sweat...

    I ran ford 16" rims on my 74 K20,their centers were 1" larger than a chevy rim,so the lugs bore all the burden of the weight of the truck and load..

    I hauled a 2 ton bulldozer motor to the scrapyard in it with no troubles,and loaded it with 3+ cords of firewood more times than I could count,and it never had even a flat tire!..and they were old and had dry rot cracks galore too...PLUS it was only a SF axle,not a full floater..I hauled similar loads with my 71 GMC K1500 too,and it only had a 12 bolt axle..both trucks had 10 leafs in the rear springs,with coil overload helpers bolted between the frame and axle tubes...

    I didn't haul the "extreme"loads all that far though,only 10 miles each way roughly,but I did carry about a ton of parts to swap meets 75 miles away quite often too..never broke an axle or a spring,but it might have just been luck..

    You could look for some 16" 6 lug rims in junkyards..not sure,but the newer body style GMs have a "3/4 ton" with 6 lug rims factory,they might fit...some 'P" series 1/2 tons had them too..

    I think your 33's would live if you pump them up to maximum pressure,and took the back roads to get to the scrapper,keep it under 45 mph!..they should have at least the rating of a 235/15 would of about 1600 lbs per tire,and thats all my K1500 had on it for tires..regular passenger car ones off a caprice!..

    My friend repairs limo's at his shop..I saw one newer Lincoln "stretch" job,it was the length of TWO lincolns!--it HAD to weigh 6000+ lbs easy..to my suprise,it only had a 4.6 V8!--how that propels that barge I'll NEVER understand(and it had over 100,000 on it:eek1: )..--and STOCK 235/15" tires,NOT 6 or 8 ply either!..how those tires dont pop with all that weight,plus 6 or more passengers and luggage going 70+mph to Logan Airport 10 times a day is beyond me!..and how they get away with something that hauls people ,not cargo like that, is a mystery to me..I'd think the D.O.T. would require heavier load rated tires on a vehicle like that..:confused: :crazy:

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