Which radiator and fan setup for RamJet 350?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 73k5blazer, Jan 29, 2007.

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    Ok, the choices are:
    These are flex-a-lits all aluminum radiators andflex-a-lite fans.

    33" wide core (38" overall) and dual 15" fans with 6000cfm capacity


    28" wide core (33" overall) and dual 13.5" fans with 4600cfm

    This is for my k5 which I'll be putting the RamJet 350 in.

    Price wise, pretty much the same, but have to be ordered differently. The kit (rad & fans together) on the big one is $791 and the kit onthe little is $881. :dunno:. But you can order the little on seperate pieces (rad and fans seperatly) and it comes to just under $790. But if you order the big one in pieces, it's over $1000. Go figure. Anyhow..

    Fit wise, the big one would be tight, but all indications with the tilt front clip clearances, I'll be able to fit it, it will definitly need some custom bracketry though. The little one shoudl fit pretty easily and bolt straight up to where stock is. The big one listed there is the biggest radiator they make, so I'm guess that's intended for big blocks, and the 'little' one is the second biggest they make. People put smaller radiators in street rods with the same engine.

    I'm just on the fence for, well, I guess I just can't decide. I like flex-a-lits radiators and fans becasue the rads have channels you can slide nuts in and bolt things to it anywhere along the side tanks, which will be a huge help for where to put the overflow and washer fluid tanks because otherwise, with the tilt front clip, I'm gonna have some serious bracketry to fab.
    So, which setup:

    Little one (price wise, $100 cheaper to order the fans and rad seperate)

    Big one is just a wider cored radiator with these fans on it

    The only reason I see to go with the bigger one is the 6000cfm fans will fit on it. 4600cfm is probably enough though.

    What'da y'all think?
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