Whining power steering pump

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dremu, May 3, 2006.

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    Dinking with my PS system as part of installing hydroboost, and one day it soudns okay, the next day it whines like crazy.

    I did bleed the system on day #1, at least, I turned the wheels back-n-forth a coupla dozen times with the front end off the ground.

    Should I be doing that with the reservoir open, or closed? Do I need to do anythign different for hydroboost, cuz the HB unit is above the PS pump? (Doesn't seem like it, lots of pressure in there.)

    Any other reasons the pump would whine? (Pulley out of whack, need to prime first after it's been empty, phase of the moon?) I'm gonna pull the pump off to fix a coupla leaks today, so I'll hafta re-bleed it anyway...

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    air in the system causes the whine, unless its a ford pump. and then they whine for the hell of it.

    rebuild kits are cheap and easy to do. just rebuilt mine. 12 bucks a carquest. didnt see the need to replace the bearing/bushing at the front of the pump, which was a couple of bucks more.

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