Who makes the best motor mounts?

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    I am swapping a '98 vortec 454 into my sbc 83 burb. what mounts should i use? Im wondering what people's opinion is for the very best motor mounts (energy, factory...). Does anybody make some that would move the motor up an 1" or 1 1/2"? There is no problem with clearance so i kinda of want it up higher so the oil pan has more room. I am not sure what exact one's i need so any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I don't know who makes the "best" as I have not tried them all. But I'll tell you what I have tried and what I have found.

    A.) New stock mounts from GM. Nice quality, allowed engine flex, but "wore" out over time (8 years of abuse)

    B.) Energy Suspensions inserts. Nice quality, allowed a little less than stock flex, and were working the same as day one when I sold the truck.

    C.) ORD's mounts. Excellent quality, allows a slight bit of engine movement (Have mounted an SBC and now BBC in them) even while truck pulling it keeps the motor pretty steady. Some people said I would feel alot of vibration, but I have only noticed a slight increase during daily driving (nothing I would complain about as it's the nature of the beast). I had them in there for 4 years abusing them with my SBC and when I swapped in the BBC, they looked good as new. The only issue I have had with them is lining up the motor mounts to the engine. They are designed to be rigid so elbow grease is involved. I have found leaving the bolts loose where they attached to the frame mounts, can aid in easier installation of the motor.

    The first time I did it, I bought longer bolts and left them loose. Installed the motor, tightened the bolts and then replaced them one by one with shorter bolts (because I'm anal). I could have left the longer bolts and it would not have mattered though.

    If you are planning to keep the vehicle for any length of time, I would go poly inserts (Energy Suspension), and if you are going to put a monster motor and or do truck pulls, etc. I would go ORD.

    That's just my .02

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