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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by skyrocco16v, Mar 28, 2006.

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    hey guys, how do you remove a window motor from the drivers side front door? the one in my 91 burb is dead, really dead. the regulator is good (it clicks when i move the switch up and down, and i have power to the motor.

    thanx guys

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    You remove the door panel, and brace the window in the raised position somehow (either tape it to the door, or wedge a 2x2 in there or something... the window motor track is sharp and the window is see where Im going here)

    Find either 2 or 4 retaining bolts, I forget.

    Remove those and the motor will be able to slide around on the window tracks.

    Position it so you can unhook the wiring harnass, then move the arms of the motor so the wheels that run in the track come out via the cutouts in the track.

    Then contort the motor and arms so they can come through the access hole.

    Sould be fairly easy. Just try not to force anything off or on when dealing with the door panel, it will usually break.

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