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    ok, so heres the deal: I bought an 87 one ton high sierra.. it had a big block in it before I bought it, but when I got it it just had the muncie tranny and a 205 t-case. so I have a 350 sitting in there now, I am just confused on the wiring I guess... and I don't have anything here to look off of... I need to know about the battery, alternator, starter, and distributor and anything bassicly I need to make it run.. the truck had TBI I belive because there is a TON of wires in there and I don't wanna just go cutting stuff although I am swapping to carburation.... the alternator I have is a one wired one from an 86 trans am and the distributor I have is HEIfrom the same car if that matters. ALSO problem 2 is the power steering pump.. it's from a big block so it won't bolt up onto my motor, and instead of normal smallblocks that I've seen where the brakes are vacumm boosted, these are run off the power steering pump I guess... is there a small block pump like that? it's got 2 welded in lines in the back and one that is threaded in...

    bassicly I just need to know what wires to keep to make the motor run.

    any help would be apreciated, thanks guys!!
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    Well , if you are running carb , push the rest into the conduit and tape them up .

    You need the starting system , charging system , and just a 12 volt to a HEI distributor . Anything with a weatherpack connector will be basically useless .

    Look for muddytazz , he has wiring diagrams in his webshots . Easy to find

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