Wizard Schools, Build Your Own Crawler And Keep It !!!

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    This program is for the person that doesn't have the tools and or space
    to build his/her own rock crawler. You can choose any type of chassis or build a street legal crawler out of your own jeep or truck. If you choose to build on your own truck or jeep, just remove the fuel tank, engine oil and coolant and your all set. You could build an exo cage or a complete internal cage with four link front and rear. The program starts at $10,000 and goes up depending on your choice of vehicle.
    Wizard schools of California is offering classes that will teach and provide you with the space, tools, materials and instruction to build your own rock crawler Chassis (includes Frame, all heims and mis-alignment bushings, tabs). Then you supply the axles to build your four link. Then you can either take your Chassis home or rent space at our facility to finish it. Included with the course is a student discount card for the purchase of engines, transmission, shocks, wheels and tires, seats and all other components needed to customize your crawler. Several frame plans will be provided for you to choose from.
    Weekend classes (3 days): 9 weeks = 180 hours
    Friday 6-10 pm
    Saturday 8am – 4 pm
    Sunday 8am – 4 pm
    Morning Classes (5 days): 4 1/2 weeks = 180 hours
    Monday thru Friday 8am – 4pm
    Both classes will start with 20 hours of safety and welding, then learn how to use all shop tools. You will get your own bay to work in for the next 160 hours, to build your own rock crawler.
    Frame materials provided will be 1 1/2 inch x .120 DOM
    Suspension materials are 1 3/4 inch x .120 Chromoly
    Upgrade options include 1 ¾ inch x .120 DOM add $500.00
    or if you wish to use all Chromoly add $2,000
    For more info, call (951) 683-4199

    The start dates for the build your own vehicles is May 26, 06. All of the classes offered will start on this day. We are enrolling and filling spots in these classes at this time, so if you would like to hold your spot call Chris Begley at the Riverside school at (951) 683-4199 to make an appointment for a tour.

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