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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by kris4real, Feb 9, 2005.

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    Kris' K5 -

    My 76 K5 350 WONT START.

    I am working through all the issues. Help ME!!!!

    Started it all by NOT STARTING - and actually replacing a "shattered" starter. Truck ran for a while with a loud ticking...(Fan shrowd? not sure) one day turns over but won't start.

    Checked all the obvious - opened the distributor and it was worn and loose. Replaced with a Mallory Distributor and HEI Coil-in cap iginition. I was very careful removing and replacing it - tried to keep all the wiring and TDC #1 exactly the same - still didn't start. Friends came by to double check me - found the TDC to put the #1 at like the 8 o'clock position instead of to the right of the electronic component. The wiring in order from that point - 8 o'clock is #1, 9 oclock is #8, 10 o'clock is #4, 11 o'clock is #3.... etc.

    Is that the right DIRECTION? Is it possible my #1 could be way over there? Is the 180 degrees off that everyone is talking about?

    We opened the valve cover and watched the #1 hit top stroke - we also ligned up the zero position.

    We checked for gas!

    Any advice would be great. One of my K5 die hards said he thinks my rcrank-shaft is worn from excessive southern california overheating and his advice is NEW ENGINE!

    thanks. just a girl... kris :p:

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