WOOOOO ordered my front spool... yep for the front!!!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by TruckNutzDude, Feb 25, 2006.

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    Shouldn't be long for the Bluggy now. I made my appointment for the 5.13's to be installed and ordered my spool from Summit tonight. I'm waiting for the 52" front spring bushings from ORD (should arrive this week). I got a nice fresh pick-em-up cab and a short bed to go in place of the cancer stricken K5 tub from a friend. Now I just have to give North West Fab a call and get my 205 isolator kit so I don't keep breaking SM465 mounts. I might give ORD another call and get a twin stick setup if the front end doesn't steer well with the spool. Hydraulic assist will at least point them in the right direction... we'll see how well it does. :thumb:

    Don't mind my post, I'm just getting excited to get back in the game after blowing up my drivetrain this fall and not having enough time between freezing snow storms to fix it.:crazy:

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