Would an 81 eldorado use the same exauhst manifold as older cads?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by y5mgisi, Apr 11, 2005.

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    I need a passenger side exaust manifold (and a rear sump oil pan and pick up tube if anyone knows where i can get one of those :blush:) Does a 81 eldorado have the 500 still? I saw an eldo at the junk yard, it was a big looking v8 and it was front wheel drive but it was fuel injected( crazy) So does anyone know if this manifold will fit my 76 500? oh yeah just so you know i should have the truck running by the end of the month :D
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    I believe an '81 will only have an Olds 307 or perhaps the 4100 Cadillac motor.

    Olds motor is easy to distinguish, it has the oil fill right in the front, vertical, just a tiny bit behind and to the left (passenger side) of the water pump.

    No 500's in '81, I'm certain of that.
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    Look in the Hollander book..

    The junkyard should have a Hollander Interchange Manual to look up the parts,and it will tell you what other vehicles share the same parts..

    I think the 500 cid was used only until 77 or 78--not sure if the 425's and 368's used the same manifolds,or if they even will bolt up(I know 425 heads will)..

    I saw an ad for a caddy rear sump oil pan new online--I cant recall where,it might have been mentioned on this board--www.500cid.com might have more info on that..I've searched all the junkyards here for an eldorado pan,only 2 eldo's in my area,one has no motor--the other ones pan was smashed flat and ripped open by the forkloader when they picked up the car by the oil pan-(Boneheads.. :angry1: :surepal: :doah: :frown1: )

    I have a 76 500 sitting out in my shed,been there for 5 years now--had planned to put it in a GM pickup someday--but someday hasn't come yet--hope its not junk by the time it get to use it!..I turn it over by hand when I go out there once a week or so--but I have to be careful--a skunk has taken up residence under the trailer its sitting on.. :eek1: :yikes: --anyone know how to make it go away without a gas attack???... :crazy:

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