Would this compressor setup work for painting?

Discussion in 'The Body Shop' started by kp texan, Apr 5, 2007.

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    Let me know what you guys would do in this situation:

    I bought this 33 Gal. compressor from Sears a couple months ago:

    It's 8.6 SCFM @40 psi and 6.4 SCFM @90 psi.

    It works pretty well for everything I've done up to this point (airing up tires, minor impact/air ratchet use), but I'm kind of kicking myself in the arse for buying it since its obviously underpowered for painting with an HVLP spray gun (not to mention it's a noisy oiless type).

    My two options if I want to paint my own Blazer are:

    Try to sell this compressor and buy a new one. I would sell this one used for about half what I paid if I'm lucky (it's like new right now), and then buy a much bigger compressor which will run me atleast $550-600 to give me the SCFM I need. My problem with this right now is the money issue (not to mention what I have to hear from my wife about replacing an almost new compressor with a much more expensive one). I would like to avoid this option until I can afford it in about another year.

    My other option is to take my neighbor's air compressor (his compressor is the same model as mine and identical in every aspect) and link them together using 2 short air lines and a "T" and then coming off that fitting with a line for the spray gun. I also realize that we would have to be careful how we did the electrical connection of this so as not to overload anything. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this should effectively double my CFM up to roughly 17.2 SCFM @40 psi, give or take. The Sharpe Finex HVLP gun like I would like to purchase uses about 14 SCFM so hopefully this would work. My neighbor actually has a Heep that he wants to paint too so I know he would be fine with it and he also expressed alot of interest in setting a nice paint booth in his garage.

    Other than it being noisy as hell, is that idea just too rigged up or would it work?

    Let me know what you guys think.



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