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    WTB:....90-91-92....yes 92 R/V series factory tach cluster.

    Okay...before you all bust a gut laughing about the tach cluster with electronic speedo....or the 92 R/V series...let me explain.

    Allthough IP clusters and related parts somewhere around 89 became unavailable thru gm due to tighter government regulation....the tach dash did exist as RPO code A8A in 1990 in the R/V series. I'd even settle for the IP case and a good used printed circuit from said cluster to put together what i'm after.

    As a side note we all know that the first year in the R/V series truck was 87....and the first year for tbi...and the last year for a square nose pick-up - and that the R/V series lived on as K5's - Burbs - Crews until 91....right....somewhat anyways. I ran across a local buisness who runs what appears to be a 87 V30 with a utility box. After i commented as such and the usual nice D60 he corrected me in the year of the truck...he said it was a 92 which i cried foul so he letme look in the glove box and the door jab...sure enough...it was a 92. So...i guess i need to include cab-chassis units it that general rule also.

    Anyways if anyone is sitting on said cluster or parts and pieces of one please let me know how much my wallet is gonna hurt when you are done with me.:doah:


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