WTT Guns,, new/excellent for 6.5 or cummins for conversion

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    Hello Men of CK5
    Momma is allowing me to keep our sano BB v3500 crew...
    While I love it I hate the fuel mileage and since I have a new truck to drive now I can play with this one,, but the catch.. she says if I want to play I have to trade so......

    I am looking for a 6.5... a builder or fresh or new...
    or a cummins in similar form.... however they must be complete for ease of the conversion... Im not sure I want to piece a setup together

    What I have to trade

    New or excellent Ar-15s 223 .. 308
    New or excellent built sniper rifles 223 to 308
    Excellent to new 45 compacts
    New 357. smith...custom shorties
    Excellent carbon 15 pistols (ar-15 variant)

    my guns are top of the line.. no junk no imports.. armalites etc... sniper rifles are full custom one offs...

    the guns range from 500 or so to 4500

    and no.. Im not trading any 50 calibers.... those will die with me

    Im me if you are interested describing what you have.. please leave a number/time to call you

    NO CALIF transfers on assault weapons... AFS rules apply


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