You know your truck has been in peices too long when...

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Russell, Apr 29, 2006.

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    You think it looks funny with the box on :D:D

    I put the box on temporarily to figure out a couple of different things.

    First was to see how much I need to drop my burb fuel tank so the box won't sit on it. As you can see the rear cross sill sits on top of the fuel tank, and makes the box sit about 2" higher than it is suppost to out back.

    Secondly, it allows me to align my exhaust pipe before I weld the last connection. I can still rotate it to aim the pipe up or down a touch

    And finally, I can mark my frame where I need to run some 2.5" aluminized tubing for the Burb tank's filler neck. I was originally planning to simply move the filler door to the rear of the box, but upon closer inspection tonight, I now see that isn't possible, so I'll need to run some tubing from the front filler door out back so it will drain into the fuel tank. I think that 2.5" should be large enough to prevent it from filling up with fluid and popping the gas nozzle all the time.

    However, even though its only on temporarily, it big time encourages a guy to see his truck looking semi-complete :D:D

    I did find a pretty serious problem after getting my exhaust on earlier tonight though. My transmission makes a horrible clacking sound. I'm not too sure where it is coming from, as I just totally rebuilt the thing, but it makes the noise as long as the clutch is engaged, and goes away almost immediately if I push the clutch pedal down. The noise goes away if I go into a forward gear, and gets worse in reverse :( I'm really hoping I don't have to drop it to fix it... I'll pull the top off tommorow and take a look inside -- See if I can see anything obvious... If not, I may be pulling her out again to rebuild the mainshaft, and put a new rear output shaft in, as my 10 spline unit is a bit worn... Oh well, take 1 step forwards, 3 back! Thats why these trucks come apart in an afternoon, and take 3 years to put them back together :doah:

    By the way, all those oil slicks arn't from my 80, all those came from my 89, :haha: The only puddle my 4x4 left was the little fresh looking puddle out front, but that doesn't count cause I don't have any lines on the power steering box, so it squirts when I steer, lol



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    nice speed density TPI rules:saweet:
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    *fingers crossed* ;)

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