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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by stockk5, Jul 29, 2006.

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    Well over the winter i bought an engine off my friend, his dad said, it was a crate motor w/ only 30,000 on it. When he had it in his work truck, he couldnt ever get the timing right.. everyones thinking timing chain is worn out.. or off a tooth, cuz when you try to set the timing, for it to idle, the mark is not anywhere near the timing plate. Anyways, i ran it in my truck since dec., last week i messed up a valve and its ticking now. I replaced the lifters, didnt help. Still ticking and knocking cuz of the valve.

    So now im at a road, do i pulled the heads off.. do a head job/valve, and fix the timing chain, or do i put a crate in. I am leaning towards a crate, i have no clue how much heads/headjobs would cost, and or timing chain/teeth would cost either. Im guessing like 6-700bucks? Now im just sitting there thinking what if something else is wrong with the motor, and i drop all that money into it when i could get a new one for 1400. My friend is telling me, oh just get heads, and the timing crap but im not sure. What would you guys do? Also cost of some of those things? Oh yeah the compression test i just did.. about 150 all around
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    I don't think you'd pay nearly that much for a head rebuild unless you pay someone to remove the parts and take them to the machinist for you.

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