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    Posting for the local Body shop,

    Here's what he has.

    1-Grill for 1984 Pickup
    Both Front Fenders- Red in Color
    2-Bedsides for a SWB

    Everthing is Red, and LOOKS GOOD. He is asking 400 for everthing. To Me, it sounded kind of high untill I looked at the parts. They still have Glossy Paint, and look almost New.

    If there is much interest I'll try an get ahold of him and get some pictures. They are closing for a week for X-mas. PM me for this guys home phone number, so you can contact him. He can tell you awhole lot more then I can.

    All parts are located in Oneida Tennessee, right on the TN/KY border and about 70 miles north of Knoxville, 20 minutes off I-75.

    Also have a Old Jeep Trailer forsale, I listed it here before, but could never seem to get my pictures of it up. Pictures of that should be up tommorow. The trailer, is just a open box style trailer, it has been modified and has a regular hitch on it. Forget the size, 2 1/2 maybe?

    Asking 200 for it obo Be happy to sell it to ya :D

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