1984 modified K5 Blazer. Selling by parts or complete

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    1984 K5 Blazer - Make an Offer
    I got an '84 blazer a few years back that I basically completely ripped apart and redid close to everything. I'm getting married next year, and just don't have the money or the time right now to finish the remainder of the electrical work on the truck. I don't want all the work I did to go to waste, or for the truck to rot in my driveway, so I am looking for a good offer on the truck. If you want to see some pictures with my lame captions, go here:

    But here is a quick run down. The truck runs fine. The only work that still needs to be completed is some electrical work:
    1) tail lights need to be wired up, but I have brand new tail lights for the truck
    2) directionals (front and rear) need to be wired up
    3) headlights/high beams/parking lights need to be connected to switches
    4) some wire cleanup, zip tieing wires together to make it look neat and such.
    5) the doors have power windows and locks. BOTH WORK, I ran the wires to the doors, but didn't make it any further. I have brand new door panels to put on the new doors too.
    6) The drivers side lock and outside door handle need to be connected.
    7) The tailgate window needs a new "transmission" so the window will roll up and down again by a switch.

    Other than that, the truck is in real good shape. I replaced a lot of things, here is a quick list:

    1) Dana 60 front (with limited slip)
    2) GM 14-Bolt rear (with limited slip)
    3) ORD Reverse Shackes on the rear
    4) ORD Shackles on the front
    5) replaced bushing on the suspension with an ORD greaseable bushing kit.
    6) after market replacement passenger and driver doors.
    7) Brand new Autometer electric guages in the modified console.
    8) Painless Wiring switch panel
    9) Painless Wiring truck wiring kit, with new fuse box mounted behind drivers seat.
    10) Herculiner painted interior
    11) completely rebuilt engine, bored .060 over and spec'd to be a 383 stroker
    Keith Black hypereutectic pistons
    GM Vortec Heads
    aftermarket Vortec manifold
    Edelbrock Q-Jet carb
    Oversized 8 quart moroso oil pan.
    Chevy 400 crank
    nothing in the engine was reused, everything is brand new
    new harmonic balancer
    Pete Jackson Gear Drive
    New Power steering pump and plumbing
    New alternator (I am pretty sure its like a 190 amp alternator)
    New Battery
    New Edelbrock water pump
    Dual Flex-A-Lite electric fans
    New B&M Truck Torque Converter

    The only thing I didn't replace on the truck was the TH350 Tranny and transfer case.

    If you would like to make an offer, either email me at mdevlin@aisle10.net, or call my cell phone at 617-413-8739

    - Mike

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