4" shackle flip vs. lift springs

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by R72K5, Mar 10, 2006.

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    uhmm i am contemplating a lift on the 77

    but i am unsure which would be better/more economical

    shackle flip, or lift springs

    and also considering possibly having to buy drop pitman arm and longer hoses

    if i go the springs route then whats the best deal on springs that would be good ride for street only/mainly ?

    if i can get either kind of a kit for around 250 or 300 then ill probably do it right now

    it was either that or cut my fenders so the 33 x 12.50 clear better when turning instead of eating the fenders like they do right now

    any links would be great, to kits, info pages, prices, etc

    thanks for anything!
  2. ryoken

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    if your back springs are decent, a flip will be more economical... gonna run ya more than 300 tho for a flip and new front springs.. front springs are running $225ish, flips run $175ish, rear springs'll run ya $350, $375 if ya go that route...

    Kert at http://diy4x.com/ flip has been real popular lately... or you can always go ORD for one stop shopping.. might wanna peak at ORD to get an idea on prices for springs, hoses, steering, etc.. http://www.offroaddesign.com/

    for a street driven truck, i'd definitely go with a flip over spring lift... throw some tough Country EZ rides up front...
  3. Thunder

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    Never find a spring lift for both axles for $300. Double that figgure and you maby can get close.
    Shackle flip either. Unless you flip your stock ones (see CK5 tech article) Shackle flip is aprox $200 then you will need front springs, shocks, steering arm ect $300+
    For 300 your only option besides home made shackle flip is blocks in the back and springs in the front.
    Rough Country has about the cheapest lift kits. Some here dont like them. And I admit the rear blocks and front spring lift ride very stiff espically on old wore out stock rear springs.
    But I like their full suspention lift with front/rear springs and nitro shocks. It rides good. They are a good all around lift for street, trail use, and towing. I bought a Rough country lift cuz I called Tuff Country and they did not recomend I use their EZ ride lift because I tow with my K5. They said I needed heavy duty lift with higher rate springs. So I saved about 300 bucks by buyng Rough Country
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    I waiting for someone to use the "S" word.
  5. goldwing2000

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    I went through this dilemma a little while ago. My stock springs are shot, so it's going to be cheaper for me to go spring lift.

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