465/205 adaptor, 205, shifter

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    Fits the '85-'91, 465 tranny with 32 spline output shafts and round 6 bolt pattern 205's. Perfect for replacing your 208 for a 205 providing you have or find a 205 for it. I've got a 205 to go with the adaptor if someone needs one.

    $75 for the adaptor.

    $350 for the 205. It has a slip yoke and is out of an '86 K30.

    $50 for the shifter (black), knob, boot, boot retaining ring, and bolt.

    Shipping possible as long as the 205 can be wrapped in cardboard and weighs under 150 lbs. for UPS. I've shipped a 205 before, so yeah, it can be done. Expect to spend $$$ for shipping. Last one I shipped in 2 boxes and the 205 was something like $90 to ship.

    BTW, I will separate the items listed above.

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