6.5LTD questions (just a few)

Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by Seventy4Blazer, Dec 14, 2004.

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    what years did the 6.5LTD come in?
    are they computer controlled?
    any years with innercoolers?
    any years to look out for due to problems?
    any improvements that can be made while the engine is out?
    anything that i need to know? is this going to be a pain in my a$$?
    how much should i look to spend for a nice clean running engine?
    would it be easier to buy a truck and take everything i need?
    whats the boost normaly run on the 6.5LTD?
    am i missing anything?

    it will be going into a 74 blazer with sm465 and doubler, 5.13 gears and 49 inch iroks when i get home.
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    92-2000 IIRC, i know the motors are still made, but i dont think you can get them in anything but a Hummer anymore

    94 and up are computer controlled, the 92-93 are mechanical

    No intercoolers factory that i am aware of. If they came with one it sure would be news to me.

    Watch out for any computer controlled motors, the IP's tend to have some problems. Not anything huge, and i think most got taken care of under warantee, but i would still much rather have a mechanical.

    Yes. Marine injectors and lower compression pistons help out a lot. If it is computer controlled, you can upgrade the computer. Port match the intake manifold could help out too.

    Dont think its goona be to bad, especially if its mechanical.

    Ive seen them go from anywhere from 600 including the computer, all the way to 3 grand for a longblock.

    Probobally , there would be quite a few little things that would be made easier if you had a donor truck. Ill let Rene fill this one in.

    IIRC 7-8 pounds factory, can be modified to take 15, but you better have an intercooler to run that much boost on it.

    Hope this helps a little. Im no expert on them, but i know ive been reading up a lot on the 6.5 TD's, as they have some advantages over the 4bt that i want to swap into my 6.2 K5. Kennedy diesel built up a 300 HP 6.5 truck that has been going strong for 150K miles now, at least im pretty sure it was Kennedy diesel. Ill have to dig it up.
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    If you can, I'd get the truck with a 6.5TD to use as a donor...mostly so you can re-use all the little crap that would otherwise nickel and dime you to death. A running donor means you have everything to make it work in your 74.

    IIRC the big problem with the 6.5's was the PMD (pump driver)mounted on the side of the injection pump. That location for the PMD was too hot, so they'd cook and fail. There are relocation kits available. Also saw quite a few guys have wastegate solenoid problems...but I suspect that is just a part that needs replacing from time to time like anything else.

    Sounds like a cool project Grant!:cool1:


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