87 toyota auto trans oputput shaft seal

Discussion in 'Other Rides' started by R72K5, Oct 4, 2004.

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    ok i put a new output shaft seal on the 87 yota 2wd pickup its got auto overdrive A43D model trans and its pouring trans fluid out past the seal just as bad or worse than it was befor ei replaced it i am pissed and isck and tired of it and need to know what the hell is causing this

    there was a felt flat washer and metal ring piece on the original seal in which i could not use with the new timken 3459-S seal

    why in the hell is this damn thing leaking so much still ????

    im tire od this crap i will never own a jap vehicle ever again, this was the first and last !@

    now im [censored] stranded and on foot yet again,

    i wish i could freaking find a chevy daily driver, but none exist around here anymore for cheap, everyone thinks everythings worth a million bucks now

    i shoulda damned kept evey chevy van car truck i ever had, all were rusted out junk body but reliable as hell

    i was so pissed a bit ago i went out onto the street and dropped it in drive with pedal floored i was hoping ot blow the asian pices of [censored] up but damn it doesnt evne have enough power to blow up, it just spinds rear tires a bit and then goes, it does have posi trac though, hummm..

    i may just try and blow it up again in a bit im still ****in pissed off

    i may evne take a match to the bitch and burn it to the ground,
    id rather be on foot than keep having to deal with this [censored] junk ass thing

    it runs good and drives good but damn u joint and brakes and trans shaft leak, i cant afford parts and im tired of wrenching on it, especialyl when i fix something and its still broke!!!!!!

    dont own rice, it is bad for you !


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