89' 350 Oil Pan Gasket Questions & CUCV Update

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by AZ_Overdrive, Mar 9, 2006.

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    Did some searching here and answered some of my basic questions but I have a couple more.

    Vehicle: 89 Burb, 350, 700, 241.

    I recently had my 700 and 241 rebuilt (blown pump and stretched chain) with HD parts. While they were in there I asked them to replace my rear main seal. Seemed like the best time to do it. They didn't even charge me labor since the trainy was already out! (dealer wanted $600 to replace)

    Well, after that, the oil pan gasket is also leaking badly (was leaking before rear main replacement). So... My question is, can I replace the pan gasket without disturbing the rear main seal? I replaced the oil pan gasket on a previous 77 K5 of mine with the 2 piece rear main seal (that was a pain!) so I know what is involved. But I am wondering what the differences are in the newer 350's.

    I called the dealer yesterday and they quoted me $300 to replace the gasket! That's not going to happen!

    Also, I have a 2" lift on the Burb and was hoping I could clear the pan without having to lift the motor. On my 77 K5, it had a 4" lift and the pan cleared with no problems.

    And last but not least, I did find in a search that everyone seems to like the Fel-Pro 1 piece rubber gasket FEL-OS34500R so I will use that one.

    Sorry for the long post but wanted to get some info on the 1 piece rear main motor before attempting the job.

    Thanks for any assistance.

    BTW: Finally finished the CUCV (Blazer) rear bumper install on my Burb. It is NOT a "bolt-on" operation. The Burb rear frame is different that a K5. Had to drill a total of 12 holes into the frame and brackets in order to get the tow pins to work. However, the front bumper bolted right up. I can post pics if anyone is interested...
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    The 89s have 1 piece rear seal. I am not too sure on changing it since you need to drop the trans. I decided that was too much work so I tightened the bolts and went through some mud. Gaskets expand and contract with temp and wetness so I just tighten all bolts surronding a leak. so far its been working

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