94 GMC Yukon quit moving the other day?!?!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by OffRoader93, Dec 11, 2005.

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    My girlfriend owns a 1994 GMC Yukon. She was driving the other day in 2H. She said it felt like she hit a big bump and the ABS light came on. So then she got in the turn lane because she knew something was wrong. The light turned green and she tried to go, and it wouldn't move. Well I came and took a look at it, and I put it in reverse and it felt like it was bound. I then put it in 4L and gave it gas and it freed up. Well I put it in park and it rolled forward. So then I knew something was broke in the rearend. I thought I would just put it in 4H and let the front tires pull me home. Well I was going for maybe a block and it felt like it bound up and then nothing worked. The driveshafts seem to spin fine, both front and rear. I don't think it is the transfer case. What happened in the rear was the carrier pretty well exploded. It was trashed. What I am wondering is would the fourwheel drive quit if the back wasn't working. I have a hard time believing the front took a crap too. I have the back ripped apart and all I need is a new carrier and guts. Any help to why the front wouldn't work now would be great. Also anyone have any idea why it blew up like it did? Or was it just a normal part failure? Thanks.

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    If you tried to drive with the rear all siezed up you could have damaged the NP241

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