Anyone drive a Vortec 5.7L / 5 speed 4x4?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Russell, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Russell

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    Hey guys!

    Does anyone here own and daily drive a Vortec 5.7L half ton 4x4 with an NV3500?

    What kind of gas mileage do you get out of your truck?

    I currently have a 4.3L / NV3500 in my daily driver, which has an average of about 21 - 22 mpg mixed city and highway driving. I love the mileage, and the engine has plenty of power for around town commuting, but the second you put any weight in, or behind the thing, it becomes totally useless. I recently towed a gutted cab, 4 fenders, core support, and hood up from Calgary to Edmonton, and on some hills that most vehicles just unlock the torque converter for, I was back in 3rd, and just barely maintaining 45 mph...

    So, I just recently stumbled across a wrecked 98 pickup that was smashed in the back end by a large truck, which smashed the transmission housing, and totalled the whole truck. The truck has a Vortec 350 with about 70 000 original miles on it, which would include all the wiring, the ECM, and even the exhaust, basically everything I'd need to convert my truck over to a 5.7L.

    The guy only wants 600 bucks, along with my current V6, and all it's related components that he wants for a project of his.

    My V6 has similar mileage, and while it ticks a bit in the morning, it runs extremely well.

    My only reason hesitation to making the switch once I finish school in December is a loss of mileage. If its significant enough, I'll stick with the V6, and just use my 80 as my hauler once I finish it. If its fairly similar, say 18 mpg average per tank, then I think I'll go for it...

    Anyone here have any mileage numbers to report, or any comments / suggestions?

  2. 80' 427

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    I have a friend that has one and he claims 20-21. I think that is great but the way he drives he could get 20 out of a tonner dually. I would say 18s would be about right.
  3. resurrected_jimmy

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    back home in Houston
    roommates 96 Z71 350/3550 17-19 mpg depending on how much we weighed it down

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