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    I like the look of the ball mount on the rear quarter panel for mounting an antenna to a full topper K5, but I dont like the idea of somethig grabbing that ball and ripping it out of the sheet metal, or tweaking the body. So I got to thinking of using a mount like this one that would sandwich between the top and bed rail.

    ebay mount

    If this one gets grabbed by a branch, it'll most likely just wreck the mount, not the body. The one I linked looks like it might stick out from the body a bit far, I'd be making my own in the same style, but closer to the body. So, everyone chime in with pro's and/or con's. I have the CB installed, I just need to figure out the antenna mount issues, throw a fuse in the +12v and GO!

    Also, I have not completely ruled out the ball mount, do they make them and the pot bellied springs in stainless? In SF, the salt air and fog turn chrome bling into rusty poo in short order.
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    Mine is all stainless. There is a post in this forum with pics showing my setup.

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