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Discussion in 'Complete Vehicles' started by virgilh, Jun 23, 2006.

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    i got a 1979 k30 4x4 with the 60/14 bolt 4 speed i have a newer front clip 1986 for it with power windows it has a 4 inch lift with 33 inch bfg mts im pulling the small block out its blown up i have a big block to go in it 4 speed with a 205 new rear 1 pc driveshaft it is a project it ran when parked i only have pics of it when the 37s were on it. i live in california lincoln to be exact 35 miles north of sac it is mostly white with the 86 brown tan doors and front clip whats this worth? i just bought a 1991 crewcab srw bigblock ect ect i want to sell this but i do not want to get screwed if you know what i mean. i think its worth 2500-3000? let me know thanks

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