CO Pickup Only: More Free Stuff- Ski Rack, Trailer Fender, More

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    I am moving out of state Thursday, and I need this stuff gone or it is headed for the dumpster:

    1. Ski Rack (a Thule I think), was on 92 Integra.

    2. Trailer fender, steel 1" radius fender, 10.75" wide, 72" long, 20.5" tall, no back. Bought from Redneck Trailer in Erie, and ruined the pair to it, and never replaced. See it in this PDF, scroll down to tandem fenders, first section, bottom fender:

    3. More free stuff for Chevys:

    Call me on my cell: BR549, or PM me and I will call you to save the LD charges. Thanks!
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