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    I have a 1976 chevy k-10 sb 400. I recently redid the heads. I have had this problem before i did the heads.

    A few years ago one of my cam lobes rounded itself off so a valve wasnt working, with the help of an older neighbor whos been doing this stuff for years helped me with that. We took out the radiator and had it checked and it supposintly passed. I cant verify if it was doing this before we did the cam or not, because the temp sensor didnt go up bast the first tick mark above cold. So after it was all together and i got a temp sensor for it i noticed the temp guage goes all the way to hot and past :eek1: , then after about around 30 seconds or a minute it goes back to normal and doesnt move no matter what i do, even pulling an 8000lb trailer. I replaced the thermostat and that didnt seem to help, i didnt check it tho, only thing i checked was i could move it eaisly. I just now checked my old one again and found it did open, i didnt have a thermometer so im not sure at what temp. Ive read around here and on the internet about an air pocket somewhere, probly right under the thermostat, but thta doesnt seem right because if it would boil over in the engine and some how cause the thermostat to open woulldnt at least that air pocket move or be expelled?

    The hose that goes to the thermostat will get hard so that tells me the water pump is working, right :confused: . Also I have hot heat out of my heater. I was looking at it and i thought doesnt the thermostat have to be open for the heater to work or am i just looking at that wrong? Am i just overlooking something simple.

    If it is an air pocket somewhere how do i go about getting rid of it? Ive read on here to rev the engine to around 3500 for a few seconds to really get the water pump pumpin, but that doesnt seem to help me. I dont let it get to close to hot anymore since i know the sensor is right now.

    Hmm another thing ithought of, I turned it off when it was in the red one time a few days ago and I could hear the water boiling in the motor, and eventually exchanged a bit with the water in the radiator, enough to bring it back to normal when i restarted it. One more thing i forgot to add, when i run it with out the thermostat installed the guage just bearly gets off the cold mark.

    Hope this isnt do confusing, this one has be boggled.

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