Crazy trade - 20hp o/b 4 205

Discussion in 'Free | Trade | Misc.' started by Shiprekd, Feb 14, 2007.

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    I've got a 20hp Mercury 200 (early 80's) outboard tiller style, that runs good and don't need. I am in need of a 32 spline input NP205 with fixed yoke/flange outputs from a turbo 400.

    Will trade even up... will post pic if any interest is shown

    I might sell the motor outright for $350
    located in Pa - will ship

    Will also consider other trades for multiple parts.
    I need a 10 spline sm465 in superb condition, driveshafts for a lifted blazer w/ D60 front/14ff rear (205 equipped)
    some hi-steer & hydro assist parts

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