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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Clod_King, Mar 31, 2007.

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    So I went outside today to plug away at my on-going truck build, and once again, I hit a road block....

    I have to get rid of all the rust to pass my safety, and I decided on tackling the rust between the front of the rear wheel wells, and the rear passenger doors. I cut everything out, and had my steel ready to go up, and try to set up my newly aquire MIG welder when I find out I cannot get it hot enough to lay the welds down...

    It is one of those hobby welders that runs off of standard household power. It has three setting for 15A draw, and one setting for 20A. I have a 20A line running to the front of my house, but the extention cord is too light duty to handle the 20A I need, so i need to pick one up... But I friken' broke till thursday. And next weekend it is supposed to snow again...

    But this isn't the first road block.. I had my truck at a rent-a-bay, and had the space rented for a week.

    I got almost everything finished besides wleding the other rockerpanel up, and assembling the front end, when out of the blue the shop operator told me to pack up.

    Apparently the owner is an older lady that had three or four strokes in the past month, and they were closing the place down... WHAT THE HELL????

    So I had to get my truck towed home in the middle of the worste snow storm of the winter, and out of the ten towing companies I called, only one was able to take me. And even then I had to wait an hour out the snow.

    THEN the next morning the Friggin' snow plow hits my truck!!! I was lucky because the corner of the plow dented in the space between my rear lenses, and my brand spanking new bumper.

    And since my truck is not insured I got buggered over, and cannot do anything about it.... I was pissed for days...

    There has been numerous other times I have been screwed over. Either it would be snowing, or raining, or didn't have the tools, or whatever.

    I am just getting fed up with not being able to drive anywhere. This truck has been sitting in my driveway since december. I JUST WANNA DRIVE!!!!!

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