DVDs FS: Ultraviolet, Arlington Road, and Sin City, CHEAP!

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    Selling some of the DVDs I have.

    Sin City- Viewed many times, cared for(I take care of my movies). Has the Hartigan/Nancy sleeve. $10 only selling because I have the 2 disc extended/unrated edition as well.

    Arlington Road-
    Watched once. Moved home and discovered my mom owns this movie as well. No reason to have 2 copies in the house. $4

    Watched it ONCE! I just bought it today. It came out on DVD yesterday! I purchased it without realizing there was an unrated extended edition... I always have to have the special editions... I personally really liked this movie. Had a strong Equilibrium feel to it. And Milla is HOT in it... As Fumes would say "Milla Beav :D". $13 yeah I'll take a loss, need to get rid of it so I can get the unrated one.


    Doing a flat $5 shipping fee on all of these. THat will be USPS, in one of those bubble envelopes.

    Email me at Alan@1337info.com, PM me here, or just drop a message in this post if you are interested.
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