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    Tellico OHV Area Trail Information

    Upper Tellico ORV Area Info The Upper Tellico ORV Area is located in the NantahalaNational Forest near Murphy, North Carolina in CherokeeCounty. Murphy is located in the southwestern part of the state where North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia all come together, and at the junction of Hwy 19/74 and Hwy 64. The Upper Tellico ORV Area is famous for some of the best 4x4 trail riding in all of America. Names like Guardrail, Helicopter Pad, Slick Rock and School Bus all conjure up visions of rock piles, steep hills and off camber ascents to challenge offroaders of all experience levels.

    The Tellico ORV Area is a fee access area. The cost is $5.00 per day/vehicle payable at the Forest Service entrance station. The station is operated on the honor system, so you will need to have correct change (they do accept checks). The money collected here is used to keep the trails open for all of us. Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) maintains the Tellico ORV trail system and contributes thousands of dollars and man-hours to this endeavor each year. If it weren't for their efforts in conjunction with the Forest Service, we wouldn't have this area to enjoy with our friends and families. Please do not litter or drive off the established trails. This is a dry county and it is against the law to have alcoholic beverages in your vehicle within the ORV area. If you get caught with it, you will be fined, you have been warned.


    The Tellico ORV Area is a fee access area. The cost is $5.00 per day/vehicle payable at the Forest Service entrance station. The station is operated on the honor system, so you will need to have correct change (they do accept checks). The money collect stays in the area to help maintain Tellico.


    All roads are narrow and twisty with steep drop-offs and no shoulders, please slow down and stay on your toes, as several folks have driven off the sides by simply not paying attention. Be prepared to meet oncoming traffic such as log trucks with trailers.

    From Murphy, NC- From the McDonalds in Murphy on Hwy 64, turn north (left) onto Hiwassee St and go to the first traffic light. Turn left at light onto Tennessee St and leave town, the road becomes Joe Brown Hwy (there is a couple of places along here to buy gas) continue for 2.8 miles until you come to a blinking caution light. Turn right at caution light and continue for approx. 5.5 miles and turn right onto Davis Creek Road. Pavement will end soon and the Forest Service entrance station will be on your left. Trail #1 starts here and continues through the ORV area and turns into River Road at the NC/TN state line.

    From Sweetwater, TN- Take Hwy 68 East at exit #60 off I-75 to Tellico Plains, TN. Just past the Hardee's restaurant in Tellico Plains (last chance for gas), turn left onto Hwy 165, which leads through downtown. Once through downtown, the TellicoRiver comes into sight. Turn right onto River Road and from this point on, always follow the river! Follow the signs to Bald River Falls .If you do not see the river for a few hundred yards next to the road; you have made a wrong turn. Most roads beyond Tellico Plains are not well marked. BaldRiverFalls can be seen on the right when passing across a bridge. Continue to follow the river and you will eventually come to the infamous Green Cove Motel. If you happen to get lost, ask a local for directions to Green Cove. The TN/NC state line is about 5 minutes past the motel and when the pavement ends you are on Trail #1 in the ORV area.

    Tellico ORV Area was donated a couple of decades ago by a logging company and consists of 12 trails of varying lengths and difficulty. The trails consist of rocks, mud, big rocks, ruts, loose rocks, steep hills, rock ledges, a few water crossings, highly eroded dirt "walls" with roots and rocks protruding from the sides (sidewall eaters) and rock gardens. The easy trails can be run with stock vehicles, vehicles that do the medium trails should have 33" tires and a rear locker, the hard trails require 35" tires, front & rear lockers, winch, and a disregard for body damage. Our "hard" trails are quite different than the ones out west; with they're near perfect traction. More times than not, you'll find the trails at Tellico to be wet with several of the hardest obstacles have seeping springs located right at the base of them. Ultra low gears are not needed here and sometimes hurt more than they help, as wheel spin is required to clean the tires and heat up the rubber in hopes that they will stick to the wet rocks. You will see a lot of local rigs here with 300 horsepower and tires in the 40"+ range. These big rigs (locally called hybrids or cab trucks) are what keep our trails interesting. When they "hammer down" they tend to move large quantities of rock and dirt, so the trails are in a constant state of change. Therefore, the "line" that worked for you on your last trip, may not be the correct approach the next time out. That's what makes this place such a hoot to's always changing!

    Speaking of change, the trail ratings that you find on the Forest Service maps were put there several years ago and do not accurately portray the conditions that are now prevalent. The following ratings are based on our observations and recent experience.


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