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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Jagged, Sep 17, 2005.

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    Apr 25, 2005
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    So, after getting back from the desert yesterday, I decided to tackle some major repair work on my truck. The task at hand today was brakes... the truck didn't stop, lots of air and the front brakes squealed.

    After I got all four wheels off and did an initial inspection of the brakes I concluded I needed new slave cylinders for my rear drums, and new front pads. And a really big suprise... the adjuster for the rear drums lodged itself between the rear shoe and the drum, and the drum was obviously unmachineable. So now, add more rear shoes and drums to the list.

    After putting my truck up on jackstands, and disassembling the front hubs to get the rotors off (and the obliterated rear drum), I realized in my infinite wisdom, I had no way to go acquire said parts :doah: .

    Numerous phone calls later, all my friends were out doing something this afternoon, but promised to help with my transmission later in the week. Now I'm getting desperate, I need to get this finished today. As a last resort I call one of the guys on my "Recovery List" and having only spoke with the guy on about three occasions begged him to help me find all these parts I needed.

    To my suprise, he agreed, and even offered to help install and bleed the brakes (cuz you know, we all just love working on drum brakes). :bow:

    Fast forward to late this afternoon, all parts are in and we are attempting to bleed the system. Rear brakes still aren't functioning properly. An intelligent guess by the two of us is the master cylinder is FUBAR. Now here is the kick-arse part; this guy just happened to have a NIB master cylinder in the back of his truck. :eek1:

    I did reimburse him for the master cylinder, and 'paid' for his help with some tasty beverages of his choice. Anywho, my main point is I'll try to help people where I can, but this guy was just awesome. Only way I knew him was when I bumped into him at the local mud hole and he gave me his cell phone in case I ever needed a winch. Kudos to Dan and all you other guys who help us brake-challenged people.
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    May 22, 2005
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    #@$&ing Drum brakes suck. I need to look at mine but keep putting it off. Glad to see you got help and got it all figured out.
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    yeah i wish drum brakes didn't even exist. good stuff on that guy helping you though. nicely done.

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