Fuel return from injectors?

Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by Fubeca, May 3, 2006.

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    I have a bit of a dillema this morning. :crazy:

    Background -- I week or two ago I noticed fuel dripping from the last injector on the passenger side. It looked like the plug for the fuel return line on the injector was leaking so I replaced it with one from an install kit from Kennedy diesel. I was having trouble getting the clamp on because of the tight space back there - but I think I got it on pretty well.

    I drove around - put a few hundred miles on it - no more leaks and 24.5 mpg to boot :D !

    Fast forward to this morning, driving to work (45 miles) noticed a little diesel smell while stopped in traffic. Get into the parking ramp and notice a nice little trail of fuel up to the truck. I'm sure the rest of the commuters love me even more, diesel fuel and black smoke :wink1: .

    So now, I'm in the city, far from a parts shop, the plug popped off :doah: .

    1) Is there any malfunction that would cause pressure to build and shoot the hose plug thingy off? (it could very well be that I got the spring clamp on the wrong side of the tapered barb and it helped pull the thing off)

    2) Does it matter which fitting gets the plug and which gets the hose? (it would be easier to put the hose on the back near the firewall and the plug on the front between the two injectors.)

    3) Does anyone know a good source for those stupid little 1/8" inner dia hose plug things that chevy used for this?
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    1)It shouldn't be that much pressure on the return hoses. It's a little tricky to put the small spring on the end hose though. :doah:

    2) Connect it as you like. But I doubt that the factory return lines are long enough for this. :confused:

    3) No help here. Here in germany I asked my dealer to make 5 end plugs. :crazy:

    Drawback is, that there are only metric sizes available here. Next size is a bit too small so all of the return hoses only will last about 2 years. :(


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