Glove Box Lock Removal?

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    Can anyone tell me how to remove the glove box lock from my 1988 Chev 1/2 Ton Suburban. I bought a new glove box and need to swap the trim panel and lock from the old to the new. It doesn't seem to be included in my service manual. The glove box does not lock, and the lock mechanism has a small hole in the front. It doesn't look to screw off, since there is a tab notch on the new replacement box, which must be on the trim panel also, to keep the lock from spinning. I don't want to try and force it. Thanks.
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    It does unscrew. Look at it a little harder and you will see it.
    The hole n the front is to hold the cams back after you unscrew it so you can remove the collar.
    Install oposite the way it came out.

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