GM Dana 60

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    Selling GM Dana 60 front axle complete, end to end (SRW),(the following parts were only used for a few months of on/off road use, it was in a crewcab 1 ton w/6.2L diesel and automatic) ARB air locker, 5.13, 1350 yoke, (these parts were new and never used), new spicer HD 1.5" 35 spline inner and outers w/forged spicer ujoint, Warn premium hubs (purchased from ORD a few months ago), WMS high steer arms (crossover steering tappered for big chevy draglink end, tie rod behind axle) 1.5"x1/4" wall DOM tie rod w/ 3/4x3/4 hiem joints. Steve, $2500.00
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