ground clearance D80 vs 14B

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by NOT4SHW, Mar 12, 2007.

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    Just wondering if anyone has actually compaired the two axles for ground clearance? Reason is that I'm wanting to have a custom rear steer axle built and Steve at wants to build me a d80 rear steer axle. I currently run a 14 bolt rear with no issues at all. Steve for what ever reason doesn't care for the 14 bolt and this isn't a discussion on which is better but I was just wondering if anyone knew which has the most ground clearance or could be shaved to have the most ground clearance? I would think the answer would be the 14 bolt but I don't have a d80 to compair it to.
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    I just thought I'd post up because I saw you're in Gulfport... All I really have to add is... BLASPHEMY! How dare he discredit the 14bff! I just now got one! But rear steer rigs are definately bad ass, keep us posted. Sorry I couldn't help... :crazy:
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    Yeah got lots a parts as well, if you need a d60 or d44 8 lug to match the 14b give me a yell. I've got them on the shelf! I've got several k5's and I know where lots of parts are in the area.

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