Have NV4500 4wd **SOLD** need NV4500 2WD **FOUND**

Discussion in 'Engine | Tranny | T-case' started by joshvh, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. joshvh

    joshvh Guest

    Hello --

    I have a NV4500 4wd from a 93 Chevy. It will need a rebuild and possibly new synchros. It has the 6.34 first gear.

    For the project I am doing I need a 2wd version. I am looking to either buy a 2wd version, use this as a core, or make a trade.... Something

    If you have a NV4500 2wd and looking to sell let me know. I am in Colorado...
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  2. Jimbo*

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    Mar 8, 2005
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    roswell, new mexico
    I don't have a 2wd tranny, but how much are you looking to get out of yours?
  3. joshvh

    joshvh Guest

    At this point I am not looking to sell the NV4500 without securing a 2WD version first. If I sell it and then find a 2wd version later I don't want to be charged a ridiculous core charge fee for not having one... But If I were able to secure a 2WD version first I would sell this for the best offer. Like I said it will need a rebuild and maybe new syncs...
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    K5MONSTERCHEV 1/2 ton status

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    Castro Valley, CA
    Where are you located? I think we have a 2wd 4500 at work.
  5. joshvh

    joshvh Guest

    I am in Colorado. I work in the Denver Boulder area, but live in the Fort Collins Loveland area.

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