Headlights not working

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 74kay5, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I have an 84 K5 with the 4 headlights and the 3 prong connectors are not making a good connection with the headlights. Ground is good, I'm thinking that they are corroded or a little rusty and that's the reason. If I wiggle the harness going up to the connector the light sometimes stays on or goes on and off. Any suggestions for cleaning the connectors or the headlights 3 prongs?
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    4 steps..

    1. Snip off old 3 prong headlight sockets..(Might want to mark where the wires go first,or do one at a time..)
    2.Go to parts store,buy new ones..cost about 3-5 bucks each..
    3.Install new sockets,solder wires,tape or heat shrink them..
    4.Enjoy headlights that actually COME ON when you pull the switch out!--EVERY time!..no more getting pulled over for having one (or no) headlights!..or having to wiggle the wires to make them come on..:D

    If you have a floor mounted dimmer switch,they sell new sockets and switches for them too...they often cause a "no headlights" condition intermittently..no fun having the lights go out on a dark road when you step on the high beams!..:eek1: :doah: ...

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