help me figure out my next mods befor my next outing!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by moturbopar, Sep 7, 2005.

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    Hi all, I am trying to decide what mods I should do next. so far I have a shackle flip, and inboard shocks, longer brake lines and a long spline drive shaft ,lockright in rear.

    So far I have the parts to do the fallowing, build rock sliders and install some 56" rear springs. I will also be installing some ford mounts and longer travel shocks in the front, Relocating front shackles And trimming my front fenders before I do even more damage!

    I am trying to decide on the fallowing I only have $400 to do any combo of the following.
    Lockright front or Weld front 10bolt
    Roll cage
    Steering box renforcment kit.
    Some 33/12.50 super swampers I allready have 2 new ones sitting in the garage.
    Maybe replace my 2.5 procomp springs with 4" EZ rides
    Add biggerr transmission and power steering coolers.
    TBI swap If I can find one cheap enough

    I have been thinking roll bar and welding front, but many of you dont think its a good idea.

    If you guys can think of anything else that I can add to my list under the $400

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