How much $$ is in your trail rig?

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    I posted this on my club site in May of this turned out to be a very interesteing read....many responded from dirt cheap to high $$ stuff. Here is my story:

    Someone on the OffroadOhio site mentioned the fact that I recently spent $800+ on front axles. It wasn't a cut, just a statement. I've never sat down and figured how much $$ I have spent of I gave an attempt tonight. I have a good memory for the most part, but I'm certain that I did not include everything...without keeping every receipt, it is nearly impossible to do. I gave the best account that I could without looking at paperwork. The format that I used is generic and likely not very clean/concise when reading it....I plan to edit it tomorrow to make it look a little cleaner. however, here is what I came up with:
    $800 May 2003. Bought Buford with 460, C6, 205, dual D60’s w/ 4.10 gears.
    $1000 June 2003. New 38x13/R16’s & new wheels.
    $100 June 2003. Painted it Charcoal Metallic in the driveway.
    $50 June 2003. Had rear D60 welded.
    $300 June 2003: Front lockright.
    $100 June 2003. JC Whitney Tailgate

    For less than $2400, I had a beefy trail rig that could take a hefty amount of abuse on a budget.

    -$100 Sold the 750 or 850 CFM carb on ebay.
    -$150 Sold 33” AT’s & “Hurricane” 16.5’s locally.
    ****Both of these items were on the truck for the $800 purchase price****

    $2350 - $250 = $2100
    Buford stayed pretty much the same until the late winter/early spring of 2004.

    $500 C6 trans lost 2nd gear due to inhaling water (said trans guy). The $500 was parts, labor, etc to remove, rebuild, re-install the transmission.

    Wheel bearing (on the drive home from a trail ride) caused me to have it towed home from Lancaster. This ruined a spindle, and melted the plastic dial on the lockout hub on the passenger side. Since I ruined something, I wanted to make it stronger.

    $200 Spicer (GM) 35 spline D70 stubs cut down to fit the Ford.
    $50 Ebay spindle.
    $150 Drive flanges
    $70 New U-joints while I was in there.
    -$100 Sold (3) stock D60 stubs on ebay
    -$50 Sold complete lockout hub and most of the melted one on ebay.

    $2100+$970 = $3070- $150 = $2920.

    Buford stayed pretty much the same for the remainder of the year. The last wheeling trip of the year (after Thanksgiving in KY) broke the passenger side door glass. The doors were trashed from 18 months of wheeling, and some upgrades were in order.

    $100 Two clean free doors plus $75 worth of steel tubing and $25 labor to have it welded onto the doors. Definitely one of my best “ideas” for Buford…ugly but it works.
    $600 (4) Brand new 42” TSL’s. That’s not a typo….it’s a long story but it turned out to be a good deal….likely never get a deal like that again.
    $250 (4) new 15x8 w/ 2.75” backspacing.
    $40 to mount tires on wheels.
    $10 BB’s to balance.
    $50 Repair/vulcanize/tube (1) new 42” tire after ripping a large hole in tread…less than 100 miles on it at the time.
    -$450 Sold 38’s & wheels.

    $2920+ $1050 = $3970 - $450 = $3520

    $460 February 2005…Detroit Locker after the Lockright failed. Lockright was still under two year warranty. I received a brand new replacement.
    -$300 Sold it on ebay for exactly $299. (I like round numbers).

    $100 New “fat” inner short side front D60 axle to replace the stock neckdown inner. It never broke, but I wanted the truck at full strength before driving to Slade KY.
    -$50 Sold used axle on ebay.

    $3520 + $560 = $4080. $4080 – 350 = $3730

    ***Items have I had bought or added to this point that I did not calculate, and do not want to go back & change all the numbers to this point***

    $200 Steering box from Advance Auto
    $250 (3) 1410 & (1) 1350 pinion yokes
    $100 (4) driveshaft U-joints for above yokes
    $150 Both front & rear d-shafts…$125 for front, $25 for rear.
    $0 Oil/Volt/Temp Gauges from previous vehicle
    $0 CD player from previous vehicle
    $0 205 T-case from previous vehicle replaced (replaced it & found it wasn’t the problem for the noise I was hearing…it was bad rear D60 pinion teeth
    $250 Paid Lambert (at his shop) to replace the T-case…again, for no good reason we later found out….but $250 is $250.
    $200 Rear D70-U from “guy down the road.”
    $50 To have it welded…the weld let go.
    $0 Lambert welded the sheet out of it for free, and it has been fine ever since.
    $250 total $$ for rear disc brakes on both the D60, and the current D70

    $3730 + $1450 = $5200

    $550 Dedenbear Knuckles in August of 2005..broke a stock one. It sucked. “If it breaks, make it better.” It wasn’t cheap, but I did.

    $5200 + $550 = $5750
    -$20 Sold non-broken D60 knuckle on ebay…after two attempts…the first guy did not pay, I blasted him on ebay, and he left me my only negative feedback…****er.

    $5750 - $20 = $5730

    $1000 Engine rebuild in fall of 2005. 1969 heads, L&L headers, comp cams (later removed for stock cam) stock cam reinstalled, defective comp cam warrantied…still still sitting in box in basement.

    $5730 + $1000 = $6730

    ***Other things I have thought of & don’t want to change existing figures already posted***

    $100 2x6x1/4” boxed tubing front bumper
    $600 Milemarker 12K winch
    $100 for miscellaneous D-rings/shackles, etc.

    $6730 + $800 = $7530

    $505 Yukon 4340 Alloy D60 inner & outer axle shafts
    $330 Longfield D60 SuperJoints

    $7530 + $835 = $8365

    ***Other things I thought of***

    $300 Rear Pro-Comp springs
    $150 Skyjacker shocks
    $150 Replacement/beefed front leaf springs (broke the main leaf on driver side…military wrap kept it driveable).

    $8365 + $600 = $8965

    I’m not counting maintenance items such as wheel bearings, etc, but I’ve included everything I can think of at the moment….I’m sure there are other things that I have left out….but I believe it would be minor items.

    Keep in mind that this vehicle has also been wheeled hard for three full years. On one end of the spectrum:

    A). Some people spend $10 grand on mods all at once, wheel it a few times, and decide that they don’t like the hobby.

    B). Some people recycle junk vehicles for a trail ride or two, then get another cheap rig to use for a ride or two.
    • I’m somewhere in the middle of those two camps.
    Also if I wasn’t familiar with the value of some parts/looking in junkyards/newspapers on occasion, I would not have found these $$ making deals…all within the past 15 months….I forget what I bought/sold prior to then:

    1. I bought three ’78-’79 F-250’s for $1500. Two had D60 front/rear axles. All three vehicles were gone in less than 36 hours (keeps my wife happy), and I turned a $1500 profit in less than 10 days.
    • One junkyard front D60 for $500. Sold it for $800.
    • One junkyard front D60 for $250. Sold it for $925.
    • Scads of spare mechanical parts for Buford, should a replacement become necessary in the future: 205 T-case, two C6’s, extra 460 with all parts paid for, extra steering box, tie rod, drag link, D-shafts, etc, etc…
    • Likely $1000 profit from buying wheels/tires for cheap and reselling them on ebay or in the local Merchandiser. The $1000 estimate would be over the past two years or so.
    Not counting the spare parts…call it nearly $3500 in “hobby profit.” Adding $1000 for miscellaneous parts to Buford = right around $10,000. Subtract the $3500 “hobby profit” and it comes out to around $6500 net investment in the rig as it sits today. Divide that by three years of adventures, enjoyment, campfire stories, etc, and I’m quite satisfied with the $$ invested vs. entertainment factor

    If one honestly considers how much $$ they have in their trail rig, their eyebrows may raise a bit.

    Buford isn’t the cheapest, isn’t the fanciest, isn’t the most capable rig around but when the three previously mentioned aspects are considered, I’m satisfied with the net results.

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    Here goes:

    82 K5 - $800
    14 bolt SF with 6 lugs - $250
    35" BFG MT's - $700
    Roll Cage - $400
    Home made shackle flip - and 4" lift spings for the front - $300
    Spray paint Camo paint job - $50
    Replaced rocker panels with 2X4 tubing - $50 in beer for my buddy
    Onboard air - $50
    Welding front and rear carrier - $50
    Pulling of doors, hard top, carpet, tailgate, heater element, inner fenders -Freebie!

    Total: $2650.00 I am sure I forgot something so let's make it $3000.00

    It may not be the biggest or best rig in the world but I have fun with it and I keep up with my Heeper friends who has 3 times as much money in their vehicles.
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    Oh man, I don't know if I really want to do this.

    1977 K5 $GIFT for my 18th birthday, my dad bought it brand new.
    Warn 8274 $FREE came with the truck
    Tach (since it had a crap non-working clock instead of a tach) $25
    4" BDS lift with shocks and springs all around $900
    37" MT/R's, $800 (wish I had 42's already, but it was my DD then)
    15"x8" wheels, $135
    DRW Dana 60 front $900 (it was in good shape and it had the 4.56's I wanted)
    SRW hubs $350 shipped
    Detroit locker for front 60 $475
    Crossover steering ~$600 (2WD steering box which accidentaly got sent to tapped for hydro assist even though I didn't pay for it, pitman arm, draglink, new draglink ends, steering arm)
    Heavy duty tie rod end with new tie rod ends $200
    DIY Hydro Assist $100
    SS brake lines $60
    Crane diff cover $GIFT
    Warn premium hubs $GIFT
    383 Stroker 434hp 470tq ~$5,000
    Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake
    Parts for modding Q-jet
    Conversion to roller cam 276/284 .488/.509
    L31 vortec heads modified to accept higher lift
    Keith Black hypereutectic pistons
    Polished aluminum valve covers
    Headers and 2.5" true dual exhaust to 40 series Flowmaster mufflers
    400 crankshaft
    Tons of machine work to the block to assure it's true
    New 400 flywheel and balancer
    Centerforce II clutch (AWESOME!!)
    MSD Pro billet HEI Distributor and 8MM plug wires
    High volume oil pump

    FF 14 bolt rear $FREE
    TSM disc brake conversion $150
    Rear detroit $325
    Rear 1350 driveshaft $270 (wish I had a CV 1350 from a Superduty for less)
    205 Rebuild $120
    Autometer electric programmable speedometer $220
    Seats $150
    Soft top $GIFT

    Damn, almost 11K and I probably forgot some smaller stuff. I don't feel completely bad about that though, it will be tubed/truggy'd in the winter and most people with truggys/buggies have more like 30+ into theirs.

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    El Paso, TEXAS
    You know---I REALLY dont want to do this--but I will---when i get home to see the reciepts.
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    Salt Lake City,Utah
    Well, In a nutshell Ive got about 10g's into my rig:eek:
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    Santa Barbara
    I am NOT going to do it, but I want to point out that it has been worth every cent in fun...
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    Billings, Montana
    About $8,000

    It would be closer to $11k if not for MNorby & chevyman_400 helping me out so much :D:bow:
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    Plano, Texas
    $500 for blazer
    $800 in tranny after 2 bad rebuilds and scamming me
    $125 for used tranny
    $250 6" lift
    $800 38" tsl's
    $50 for paint
    $200 for shackleflip and 0rate
    $50 56" rear springs
    $230 for rims
    $2900 for 1 tons, detroits, 4.56's, 35 spline outters, wto rebuilt and ported 2wd box, ORD crossover, hydro assist.
    $350 NP205
    $600 in 2 rear driveshafts
    $60 in auxilery coolers
    $150 for carb
    $100 for stock doors for 1/2 doors
    $100 in small stuff

    And a 383 stroker is about to be built soon

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    Oak Harbor, WA
    Man most of you guys didnt pay much for your rigs. I dont want to add everything up, but it's a bit. I got some killer deals, but I paid 7k for my K5 5 years ago. Damn I shoulda picked a cheaper rig to beat on.
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    1987 V-10 Blazer From North Dakota bought on eBay $1,375.00 The cost of restoring it___________
    The pride to say I did it my self not bought PRICELESS!! :woot:

    Description of work or parts

    Acquisition cost $1,375.00 11-17-05
    Dash insterment bezel Silverado $ 34.99 11-22-05
    Dash Cluster with gauges $ 21.51 11-20-05
    misc parts box full, dash and lights $ 50.00 12-05-05
    Radio install kit $ 14.99 12-08-05
    Steering wheel new four spoke $ 42.00 12-10-05
    Transport out of North Dakota by Monty's auto transport Inc. $ 305.00 12-15-05
    Radio gromets four for government radio hole $ 11.99 12-17-05
    Exhaust manifolds from 1A Auto Inc. $ 129.90 12-26-05
    Cloth front seat covers / traded for real cloth seats $ 39.90 01-03-06
    Rain Drip vent shades, Chrome eBay $ 25.50 01-06-06
    Grill emblem, bowtie gold silverado $ 9.09 01-09-06
    Exhaust system, dual from LMC Truck $ 179.95 01-12-06
    Side deep tinted windows for topper $ 148.49 01-28-06
    Side name plates from eBay $ 11.74 02-25-06
    Silverado Chrome tail gate panel $ 52.75 03-05-06
    center console no key $ 45.75 03-14-06
    Rear Carpet new $ 146.50 03-08-06
    D Rings 3/4 bolt 4 3/4 $ 23.00 03-16-06
    RH Front fender. Hood, core support, wire harnes & bumper $ 152.50 03-31-06
    Power window motor kit new $ 75.00 04-09-06
    New OEM GM dash pad NOS $ 241.10 04-11-06
    Silverado door panels w power windows and locks $ 75.00 04-24-06
    Spark Plugs $ 18.00 04-28-06
    MS9275B Gasket set $ 7.56 04-28-06
    OS102 Oxygen synsor $ 18.08 04-28-06
    Brake Shoe set $ 12.24 04-28-06
    Hardware kit $ 4.55 04-28-06
    Federated Oil Filter $ 6.56 04-28-06
    SW 30 motor oil 5.5 quarts $ 14.69 04-28-06
    EG24841-001 Gasket 816 (2 gaskets) $ 13.46 04-28-06
    GM pn 10110898 Dip stick tube, oil $ 15.20 04-28-06
    80/90 Gear oil $ 20.16 04-28-06
    Labor for work by ######### Automotive N/C 04-28-06
    Stainless steel rock guards $ 26.35 05-07-06
    1989 - 1991 four headlight Grille and trim rings $ 68.00 05-08-06
    Chrome silverado topper trim rails $ 32.50 05-10-06
    Rear bumper / tire carrier rack CRB Off Road Products $ 250.00 05-10-06
    Tread brite for fill rear bumper Tri-State Aluminum $ 53.38 06-16-06
    Military MSN Gallon Rust Converter $ 49.95 06-20-06
    Dash Cluster with gauges and trip odometer $ 20.50 07-28-06
    Rear window crank handle $ 20.00 07-28-06
    OEM RH Front fender (3 yrs old) $ 75.00 08-04-06
    Silverado dash insert AC vents $ 20.00 08-04-06
    Rear floor trim at tail gate carpet to floor $ 5.00 08-04-06
    Total $3,962.83

    Still have to repair the rear floor corners by post and paint the whole thing. Then it get rear sliders in and new rubber door seals and tires.
  11. NoReGrEtS

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    Nov 7, 2005
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    Moreno Valley,SO CAL
    new cam& intake manifold=350 (gaskets & tuneup)
    new clutch&flywheel=300
    465/205 combo=150
    6in lift=700 (with new brake lines)
    used 35's w/rims=120

    still need to do the rear drive shaft
    need new card
    need new exhaust

    I have had it for a year and still haven't been able to drive it:mad:
  12. 3 on the tree

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    gunnison colorado
    I"ll give this a shot:
    1970 K5-Free
    Wal Mart battery-42.00
    rear brakes-26.00
    snow tires-360.00
    rebuilt head-145.00
    new 3" exhaust-200.00
    seat covers-40.00
    new 17" steering wheel-45.00
    shifter knob-6.00
    replace locking hubs-free(thanks James)
    new T stat housing-45.00
    rear shocks-99.00
    HEI dist-45.00
    tune up-35.00
    carb rebuild-12.00

    Probably forgetting some more little stuff

    I came up with 1100 bucks, adding in my head. My addition may be off.
    I have had it on 4 trails. 2 trails I completed, 1 I chickened out on, and 1 I had a flat tire at the trailhead. I think I have put 8K miles on this rig this year. It gets a lot of use as a DD. At one point I was driving 500 miles a week for work. Good investment, I think.
  13. peterpan

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    less than $300.00 in the pic with the top running and drivable


    dana 60 wheel barings rotors seals converted dullie hubs to single wheel new warn hubs sterring block and drop pitman $650.00

    arb air locker for front dana 60 $809.00
    detroit for rear corporate 14 bolt $350 slightly used

    onboard air with york ac compressor so far $60.00

    apc seats $300.00 from jegs

    so far $2,469 also alot of trading parts with my buddies for other stuff like winches front and rear tube bumpers roll bar 454 to much to list

    future mods
    ord doubler kit for sm465$$$$
    new 39 inch boggers $$$$
    454 insall allready have it
    camo paint job

  14. tRustyK5

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    E-town baby!
    Hmmm, I've had my truck coming up on 10 years. Converting to US $$ it's still gonna be high.

    Paid $4000 (:doah:)
    D60 and 14 bolt with 4.56's...$1800
    ORD crossover and 2WD box...$500
    6" Alcan's...$600
    NV4500 plus rebuild...$1300
    NWF doubler
    rebuilt 205 with all the goodies
    Rebuilt 203 range box
    triple stick shifters
    AA bellhousing
    1410 yokes...$2200
    6.2 swap...$2000
    Cage and bumpers...$500
    SS brakelines...$100
    Comp bumpstops...$140
    BBCS shocks...$425
    H2 rims...$250
    H1 headers...$60
    39.5" TSL's...$1350
    Hays clutch...$275
    Hydro clutch stuff...$200
    Anti-wrap bar...$0
    Rear disc's...$150
    Frame repair kit...$50
    Full vert chop...$250
    1410 yokes for diff's...$150

    $17,100 as it sits right now (and including parts on order) but not including a ton of stuff I've done two and three times. Doesn't include all i spent on tires over the years, or my old 3/4 ton stuff, or the rust repair or stuff like batteries and 'maintenance' items. $17K and I' still not locked up front and don't have a winch. :eek1:

    I'm not a deal finder, or someone that has much luck buying and selling stuff. When i upgrade stuff the old stuff I either give away, or scrap.

  15. big dan

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    Aug 1, 2005
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    84 k10 longbed-$1500
    33x12.5s on 15x10 steelies-$600
    79 k20 for parts-$800
    short bed-$300
    cam, intake, headers, carb-$500
    gas tank-$45
    nuther gas tank-$35
    16.5 steelies and 35X12.5s-$600
    tool box-$125
    front bumper-$25
    front springs-$100
    shocks and shackle flip parts-$200
    total-$4980 for an 84, changed from a longbed halfton, automatic, worn out 350 with saggy springs to a 110"wb 3/4ton manual with about 375hp 6in lift and 35s and lockers.
    This doesnt count the countless amount of gaskets, fuel line, clamps, hoses, wire, GAS, paint, welding rods, or other small things
  16. pauly383

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    Jul 22, 2001
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    Mesa , Arizona USA
    About 9 bucks total paper and coin , and a 25 dollar QT card in my ashtray :pimp:
  17. k5redneck

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    Jun 24, 2004
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    mesa AZ
    to lazy to brake it down tonight but i know im right around 9 grand this year:doah:

    SCOOBYDANNN 1/2 ton status

    Sep 4, 2001
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    El Paso, TEXAS
    ok---Now this is ONLY what my truck has in it now---not the three lifts i put on, the 5 different sets of tires, 3 TC adaptors, locked up 10 bolts:doah: and what not.


    $400 for a rusted out old blazer

    $1000 for the 60 (came w/ 4.56)
    $250 locker
    $500 crossover/tierod
    $500 35spl outers/hubs
    $450 hydro assist
    $100 little nick nacks for front axle
    $125 for shocks

    $1100 for the motor and odds and ends
    $200 intake
    $130 headers
    $130 exhaust
    $100 flowmaster
    $100 cam

    $300 for tubing and metal for cage and frame

    $800 for doubler
    $250 for 400/203
    $400 for rebuild of 400
    $0 for 32 spl 205--(i like these deals:D )
    $350 for shafts

    $50 for van 14ff :D
    $5 of wire for welding it:D
    $150 in disk brake conversion
    $200 4.56 thick gears.
    $540 SAW shocks:crazy:

    $200 steelies
    $350 beadlocks (back in the day)
    $12 pack to tig weld them:D
    $1000 in tires

    $120 for front window
    $500 from misc brackets from dan at RuffStuff:crazy:
    $50 all new lines
    $50 oo guage for the Batt
    $25 for some switches
    $150 for guages
    $100 anti-wrap bar

    Im not even going to calculate the labor.

    I dont even want to know what that adds up to:o :eek1: :doah: :( :frown1: :whistle: :shocked: :eek: :dunno: :shame: :screwy: :yikes:

    Yes I do

    $10285 w/o labor
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2006
  19. mostwanted

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    Feb 5, 2006
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    Kansas City, MO
    I have only just begun:

    $800 1986 K5
    1500 "built 700r4"
    300 31" wildcat ext craigslist
    125 new rotors, calipers, pads, shoes, and wheel bearings
    400 Eldelbrock carb
    200 various replacement parts from junkyard

    $3325 total for now................

    next up:
    $500 dana 44, gm 14ff, and worn 35ssr's on 16" A.R. alum rims from a buddy
    $3-400 for parts for lift (already have Ranch 4" front springs @ $50 from junkyard)
    $900 holley TBI kit
    $5-600 for a cage
    $500 + shipping for a soft top
    $1000 for new or newer tires
    $6-700 for some minor body work and paint. (gotta fix that tailpan a must)
    $1000 for lockers and such
    +more as I need...............

    I have to agree with the fact that all of the entertainment value is priceless. Plus it keeps many of us doing "something creative", and out of the bars.
  20. blazinzuk

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    Dec 20, 2002
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    Afton / Star Valley Wyoming
    I did this a while ago but including nuts bolts grinding wheels how much welding wire I used etc etc etc etc. When I do it like that I have about 9000 in my truck. If I leave out everything I have done twice and only include the current wheels and tires and leave out all the incidentals its only like 5500

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