how should 203 hi position behave ?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by R77K10, Mar 21, 2006.

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    well it snowed a bunch last night and im out playing around

    in hi position it seems like the front end isnt doing anything, the rear end is all over the place going up a snowy hill and such

    in hi loc the front axle is definitely there, and does great

    i know that when it is not in a loc position there is differentation between the front and rear axles

    so technicaly in a non-loc position only one axle is really gonna be biting at any given moment, correct ?

    been forever since i researched this, and so i think i have forgotten some since

    if everything sounds right then you know what i dont think i like this full time stuff too much, i may consider swapping in a part time case in the future,
    if i can find/save up the right adapter for the th350(common) and shafts, crossmember? mounts?

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    Your "thinking" on the differentation is pretty correct. Think of the 203 as a limited slip, to a degree.. sending power to the front and rear. My 77 never would really let me get much tire spin even in just "HI". However, with you being in snow and possibly ice, it may be a little too much for the "HI" position to compensate for. Even though it's "fulltime" the HI position should, for the most part, be thought of as your 2wd. When you need 4wd, lock it in. You mentioned that it did fine when locked, .. and I would venture to say it probably did better in just "hi" than a part time rig would have done in 2wd.

    As for swapping over to a part time case, or making the 203 a part timer, it all boils down to prefference. In my case, my old 77 was my DD as well .. and I liked not having to adjust my driving style on wet roads etc. It never would break traction, even on a wet road, at a red light on a hill .. I could romp on it, and still take off like it was dry. In my case, that was worth the extra gallon of gas I was probably burning, just for that added safety margin on the roads.

    It's pretty much going to depend on what your needs are. Lots of folks make the swap, others seem content with it the way it is.

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