I have converted over to toyota

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ilikeitloud, Mar 19, 2006.

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    traded my 86 jimmy with no motor for a good running 884runner that had a 4in lift and 35s. these are pics after we did the sas which was done last week. about the draglink ahhhh yea thats only there so i can move it outta the driveway if needed i dont drive it on the road yet. im still waiting for my crossover from allpro.. front driveshaft needs to be lengthened and i know its really tall but those are the only springs we had in the shop and we used what we had.. this summer im goin 4in springs all around. total i have about 600 bux put into the sas and crossover:o ive always been a blazer guy but man it was gettin expensive to build.
    i never really posted on here much just lurked around and learned a ton of ish over the years on the forum..so with that said good luck fellas with your trucks and maybe ill see ya on the trails in MN.

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