Ideas for my 85 K5

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Bone85K5, May 1, 2006.

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    I know its been 4ever since Ive posted but looking for direction for my truck these she is right now:

    strong 350, headers, intake, carb, most everythign new on: the tranny, transfer case, hubs, etc

    2 1/2 spring lift in the front, blocks in the rear, 35/12.50 muds, 15 x 10 wheels,

    I use this truck for the ossasional sunday/sat drive/trail. Mainly for a few trips a year to local trails around south GA where i generally trailer it.

    My ideas:

    new front and/or bumpers to help with slamming the stock bumpers into things which will also allow for winch/recovery points.

    zero rates for that extra inch

    4 inch all spring lift, cut fenders, have fun with maybe a bigger tire size.

    Any thoughts? whats the best route for the most fun?

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